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  1. Salt Spray Test Apparatus

    This tester is designed for surface treatment of corrosion-resistant capacity test for various materials, including paint, electroplating, organic and inorganic film, anti-rust oil, chemical treatment, and then achieves a long period of resistance to corrosion products.
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  2. Cass Corrosion Resistance Salt Spray Test Machine

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:- - Interior dimensions (mm) : 900X600X500 - Exterior dimensions (mm) : 1460X910X1280 - Chamber Volume : 270 L - Solution Tank : 25 L - Power Supply : AC 220V 50HZ - Ambient temp. & Humidity rang : +5 ~ +35 / <85%RH - Testing Temperature : CASS 501 - Air Temperature : CASS 631 - Solution Consistence : NaCl 5% - PH Value : CASS:3.0~3.2 - Temperature fluctuation & uniformity : 0.5 & 2. 0 - Temperature deviation : 2.0 - Spray quantum : 1.0~2.0(ml/80cm2/h) - Chamber Material : polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Heater : Corrosionresistant titanium tube - Temperature sensor : Platinum Resistance (PT100) - Safety device : Overtemperature protection , leakage protection
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  3. Programmable Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

    Control System :-High precision P.I.D temperature controller to limit the temperature Differences. Optional Continuously or cyclic spray, apply fully automatic detecting system. double over-heating protection system protect both of chember and operator. Optional RS232 interface used to connect with computer. Key FEATURES: - Powerful LCD touch screen temperature and humidity controller Optional recorder used to save temperature and humidity curve graph Programmable control system, continuously and cyclic spray Support power off memory, available to continue testing after power recover Auto/manual water refilling system make sure non stopping testing Precision glass nozzle makes sure fog diffuses well distributed Auto descending and ascending system for testing cover, makes operation easy and safe Clearly observe testing samples with auto defrost system
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